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Wade Lake Dozer & Excavator is a family owned and operated business that has provided land management in North Texas for 4 generations.

We are constantly adding new equipment and services to our land management business.

Currently, we can do all kinds of land management work to include:
  • New lakes and pond construction
  • Lake and pond clean outs and repair
  • Clearing fence lines
  • Mesquite grubbing and raking
  • Creating food plots for hunting
  • Building and repairing roads
  • Mulching
  • Rome plowing and planting
  • Cactus removal
  • Hauling rock and dirt
  • Road work (we can repair roads and redirect water flow to avoid future wash outs)
  • All types of fencing 
  • Docks (floating and stationary) 
  • Metal building construction
We can do anything with heavy equipment. Whatever the job, just ask and we will come out and provide a free estimate for you!
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