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New tank construction
Tank clean out
Want a BIG tank or lake?
Bull dozer, skid steer, excavator

Do it right!

Farm and Ranch Services

Wade Lake Dozer & Excavator is a family owned and operated business that provides farm and ranch land management services such as:

  • New tank or lake construction - We can build a new stock tank ANY SIZE or add on to an existing tank (pond) or lake.

  • Tank clean outs or repair - We can remove the silt and improve the depth of your stock to last through long summer droughts. We can fix any type of tank issue.

  • Excavator grubbing (removal) of mesquite trees and other trees - We completely remove mesquite trees including the root.  We are experts and have a very high mesquite tree kill rate. We DO NOT cut them off (or blade them).

Note: If you blade a mesquite tree without disturbing the ground (pulling up the roots), the mesquites WILL grow back. 

  • Dozer raking - We rake mesquite trees and other brush into piles.  We are careful to minimize dirt in the piles so they can easily burn.  We can also burn the brush piles for you so it is a turn key operation.

  • Create food plots for hunting - We create a food plot specialized in the type of game you hunt so your hunting is plentiful.

  • Build or repair roads - We can fix or build a road in any type of terrain on your property so it will last. 

  • Clear fence lines - We can clear fence lines for pasture or game fences.

  • Rome plowing - We plow deep with a tandum offset dozer plow. Rome plowing is excellent for plowing rough pastures and gets the job done.

    • Planting native pasture grasses - We can plant native grasses to improve your land and support more cattle.

  • Rock removal - We can remove rocks from your fields to make plowing and planting easier.

  • Cactus removal - We can remove cactus without chemicals from your field and pile them to burn, or bury them.

  • Rock hauling - We can built a new road for you and rock it, or bring in rock for an existing road. We have several rigs.

  • Mowing - We provide full service mowing for pastures, right of ways, or highways. 

We can do any type of dozer or excavator work that you can imagine. If you can dream, we can build it.


We have been in the dozer business for 3 generations serving our friends and neighbors in and around Jack County.  We have 5 dozers, 4 excavators, 3 skid steers, several belly dumps, tractors, and much more.


Call Wade Lake at 940.229.9347 for a free estimate!


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